Take pest controlling to the next level with loT Enabled Pest Repeller, Appliance can be controlled by All in 1 Mobile App for number of pests.

    Features Included in Base Product

    • No Harmful Chemicals

    • Safe for Pets & Humans

    • Litter Free

    • Noiseless

    • Smart LED Indicator

    • Smart Timer

    • Smart Repeller-21 in 1 Pest Repeller

    • Cost-Effective as Consumes Less Electricity (for Basic Standalone Model)

    • Bio-Compatible and Eco-Friendly

    • 22-85KHz frequency of Repelling

    • Product Life Cycle Detection

    • Integrated MPU to Save Energy

    • ​Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home & IFTTT

    • ​Networking loT Hardware Design and Schematic as a Proof of Concept

    • App-Controlled(Android & iOS)

    • ​Seamless Wi-Fi Enabled

    • Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrade Capability

    • Free Hardware and Firmware Upgrades

    • ​Fully Hosted Big data Cloud Platform

    • ​End To End Turnkey Solution

    • ​Buy Now / E-Commerce Store

    • ​End User Database

    • ​Patent No.15/292,381 And Patent No.15/356,244 For Non-Exclusive Usage

    • Easy Service Registration / Ticketing System Built into the Mobile App

    • ​How-To Video's For User Experience are Built into the Mobile App

    • ​Free Marketing Material Creation(Videos & Brochure)

    • ​Free Tier-3 Support

    • ​7 Days Delivery Guarantee

    • ​No Need To Create (DEV / STG / PROD) Environment

    • ​We Have More Than 20 Designs And We Can Help In Creating Those Products



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