loT Enabled Smart Cooler is a smart choice to maintain humidity and room temperature with advanced features on your fingertips than conventional cooler. Users can operate it through voice assistants such as Alexa, Apple Homepod and Google Home.

    Features Included in Base Product

    • Auto ON/OFF with Low Light Detection

    • Auto ON/OFF with Dusk/Dawn

    • Auto ON/OFF with Smart Timer

    • Auto Speed in Wave/Breeze Mode

    • Auto Speed Control with Cooling Level

    • Auto Swing Controller​

    • Product Warranty

    • Integrated MPU to Save Energy

    • Power & Appliance Usage Reporting

    • Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home & IFTTT

    • Networking loT Hardware Design and Schematic as a Proof of Concept​

    • 7 Days Delivery Guarantee

    • No Need To Create (DEV / STG / PROD) Environment

    • Easy Service Registration / Ticketing System Built into the Mobile App

    • How-To Video's For User Experience are Built into the Mobile App

    • We Have More Than 20 Designs And We Can Help In Creating Those Products

    Add Additional Features

    Auto ON/OFF with Motion DetectionAuto ON/OFF with Low Light DetectionAuto Burnout Motor DetectionAuto Water DrainSmart Water Level DetectionAudio Alert System Fire and Smoke DetectorEmergency Alert SystemTemperature and Humidity DetectorMeasure Power Consumption



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