loT Enabled Smart Cloth Washer comes with Smart Operation and 20 unique Smart features which can be operated thru Mobile Application with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod.

    Features Included in Base Product

    • Auto ON/OFF with Smart Timer

    • Auto Product Service Cycle Detection

    • Smart Operation

    • Audio Alert System

    • Child Lock

    • Delay Start/End

    • End of Cycle Chime

    • Start/ Pause Function

    • Energy-Saving - Auto Display Off after 5 min

    • Pre-Wash Function

    • Soak Function

    • Extra Rinse

    • Customized Washing Cycle

    • Product Life Cycle Detection

    • Integrated MPU to Save Energy

    • ​Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home & IFTTT

    • ​Networking loT Hardware Design and Schematic as a Proof of Concept

    • ​App-Controlled(Android & iOS)

    • ​​Seamless Wi-Fi Enabled

    • ​​Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrade Capability

    • ​​Power and Appliance Usage Reporting

    • ​​Free Hardware and Firmware Upgrades

    • ​​Fully Hosted Big data Cloud Platform

    • ​​End To End Turnkey Solution

    • ​​ Buy Now / E-Commerce Store

    • ​​End User Database

    • ​​Patent No.15/292,381 And Patent No.15/356,244 For Non-Exclusive Usage

    • ​​Easy Service Registration / Ticketing System Built into the Mobile App

    • ​​How-To Video's For User Experience are Built into the Mobile App

    • ​​Free Marketing Material Creation(Videos & Brochure)

    • ​​Free Tier-3 Support

    • ​​7 Days Delivery Guarantee

    • ​​No Need To Create (DEV / STG / PROD) Environment

    • ​​We Have More Than 20 Designs And We Can Help In Creating Those Products

    Add Additional Features

    Auto Motor Burnout DetectionAuto Emergency Alert in Case of any Adverse ConditionAuto Smart Cleaning SystemFire and Smoke DetectorTouch PanelWater Saver OptionAutomatic Door Lock in Wash



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